Blauburgunder, Pinot Nero Riserva: the white among reds

Gewürztraminer: aromatic and sumptuous

Lagrein: old vines

Manzoni Bianco „Eva“: dedicated to our daughter

Our wines

Pino Nero Riserva: The grapes are fermented in small oak barrels and aged for one year. The scent is of red berries, the palate smooth. A crisp, fruity wine with good minerality.

Lagrein: A wine with extraordinary complexity. Of almost black colour, Lagrein makes for a full-bodied wine - dark, strong tannins, mysterious.

Gewürztraminer: The scent of roses, lavender and vanilla. On the palate there are fruits like apples, pears and quince. Our Gewürztraminer shows an opulent body, warmth and well-integrated alcohol.

Eva: Named after the mother of humankind and our daughter. A white wine that is crisp and salty with a light fruit reminding of green apples and freshly cut peaches. 

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