“Our vines owe their potential to their location.”


The family estate , Brunnenhof Mazzon, lies 400 to 500 meters above the banks of the river Etsch, nestled in the vines covering the hillside of the valley. Behind, protected by the ‘Königswiese’ mountain range, in front open towards the gently rolling slopes of the ‘Unterland’ and ‘Überetsch’ areas of the Etsch valley.

The area is considered the Grand-Cru of the Blauburgunder and indeed it is on the Blauburgunder that our estate focuses its work. But not exclusively, the Blauburgunder is joined by Lagrein, Gewürztraminer and Manzoni Bianco.

Mazzon provides the perfect conditions for Blauburgunder: the soil a mixture of sand and clay with a high concentration of chalk, west facing, the afternoon sun, the fresh Ora wind from Lake Garda and the cool nights.

Areas sheltered from the wind are perfect for the Gewürztraminer. In the higher areas above Vill where the earth is a mixture of sand, stones and gravel, the scree of the Trudener river, thrive the Manzoni Bianco and, ever since1921, the grapes for our Lagrein.

“We want to let nature, with its many and varied facets, speak for itself.”

In order to maintain the vitality and unmistakeable character of our vineyards we work according to ecological standards. The more life and fullness there is in the vines, the more can be found later in the wine.

“Only a biologically active and healthy environment can produce grapes of the highest quality.”

The cellar is a place of tranquillity, restraint and patience. Through a form of ‘controlled inactivity’ we draw out the character of the grapes thus ensuring that, at the end of the wine year, every bottle bears the distinctive signature of Brunnenhof Mazzon.

“Our passion for our work, for what we do, defines us. It is our driving force and it distinguishes us from others.”


Winemaking is a family tradition. Our ancestors dedicated themselves to the characteristics and peculiarities of the profession with love and patience, passing on their passion for their work to us. In 1999 we, Johanna and Kurt, took over the 200-year-old vineyard and since then we have been filling bottles with the grapes, countryside, climate and family tradition of the estate.

Together with our children, Johann and Eva, we have made Brunnenhof Mazzon to what it is today: a place with the highest imaginable quality of life, a place of warm hospitality for wine lovers, and a wonderful home for our family.

Since 2011 we have lived and worked here and cultivated our vines according to organic standards. We are aimimg towards long-term sustainability and the challenges this creates ensures that we produce wines not only of quality, but also of value.

Our declared objective every year is to produce grapes that are as healthy and ripe as possible, ensuring that our personal interpretation of what is meant by terrain, climate and grape variety are fused together and bottled.

“A family means everyone roles up his or her sleeves and sets to work while all sharing a common passion for the wine.”
“Our wines have so much time, much more than most in today’s world, simply because no demands or pressure are put on it.”


Through a respect for nature, not with special tricks, is how we are able to produce red wines without using oak barrels. Instead of the taste of the vanilla and the tannins from the wood, our wines taste of their own tannins and fruit. We aim to produce wines that tell their own story.

Whether Pinot Nero Riserva Mazzon, Viga Zis or Classico the Blauburgunder is the king among the grape varieties of Brunnenhof Mazzon and a reflection per se of the terroir.

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The quirky Gewürztraminer captivates with a yellowy, golden colour, a lovely nose of roses, lavender, apples and pears and on the palate ripe stone fruit.

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“We appreciate the sheer brilliance of the simplicity that grapes of the highest quality bring with them.”

The full potential of the grapes of our 100-year-old Lagrein vines unfolds when accompanying hearty meat dishes, sausage specialities and mature cheeses.

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Eva, named after our daughter, is a demanding, elegant yet delicate white wine from the Manzoni-Bianco grapes, a cross between Riesling and Wießburgunder.

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Fam. Johanna and Kurt Rottensteiner
Brunnenhof, I-39044 Egna/Mazzon (BZ)
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